Portfolio expansion of the medical network Medical Experts Düsseldorf

Dr. med. Andreas Grust welcomes the expansion of the MedicalExperts Düsseldorf

Already in the seventh year the Medical Experts Dusseldorf (MED) stand for the best medical care and optimal service. In addition to selected physicians, who have been members of this extraordinary initiative, initiated by InterContinental Düsseldorf for several years, the team of experts will be strengthened by other renowned physicians from this year. With the expansion of the offer, the MED is reacting to the growing importance of medical tourism in Düsseldorf.

Minimizing the radiation dose creates confidence

Radiology "Düsseldorf Mitte" is the first medical practice to publish day-to-day CT dose values ​​throughout Germany

Düsseldorf, 18 February 2016. Radiology "Düsseldorf Mitte" regularly publishes the radiation exposure of its patients on the Internet - so far unique in Germany. In diagnostic examinations, the dose values ​​are recorded anonymously by means of computer tomography, analyzed automatically and updated daily in the statistics on the website. The reference values ​​of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) for normal persons are used as a comparison.

Training courses in radiation protection


Dusseldorf, 16 July 2015. For the third consecutive time this year, the RadioLect GmbH offers its update courses in Radiation Protection in the premises of our Centre for Radiology in the heart of Düsseldorf. Longtime lecturer Dr. med Andreas Grust is now able to speak on the latest methods and techniques concerning Radiation Protection to interested physicians and medical technical assistants in his own private practice.

Cooperation agreement signed: Partnership with Siemens


Düsseldorf, 25 June 2015. The radiologist Dr. Andreas Grust has signed a cooperation agreement with Siemens Healthcare GmbH. As a Siemens Reference Center, Radiologie Düsseldorf Mitte has the latest MRI and CT scan equipment and thus ensures the lowest radiation dose in patients. The dose quantities are constantly monitored and documented.