Periradicular Therapy (PRT)

Severe pain in the neck or lower back may be the cause of disc disease. For a precise diagnosis, a magnetic resonance tomography (MRI) of the affected portion of the spine is first made.

Cardiac MRI (heart)

Cardiac MRI is a completely radiation-free, but highly accurate method of heart examination, and allows for the early diagnosis of heart disease as a screening procedure.

Bone Densitometry

A bone density measurement determines the calcium content of the bones. Osteodensitometry is an established method for the diagnosis or control of osteoporosis and other metabolic disorders of the bone.

Multiparametric prostate MRI

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed male cancer in Germany and ranks third among men's causes of cancer death.

Low-dose Computed Tomography (CT)

Low-dose computed tomography of the lung for the early detection of bronchial carcinoma. The treatment success of lung cancer is significantly better in small, symptom-free tumors than in the advanced stage.

State of the art

THE CURRENT STATE OF THE ART Similarly, as with the classic photography, analogue X-ray will be more and more replaced by digital systems.The advantages: faster availability of the images and their easier management. Thanks to new materials…

State of the art

The current state of technology Similar to conventional photography, conventional analogue X-rays are increasingly being replaced by digital systems. The benefits: faster image availability and easier management. By…