Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and digital radiography.

Radiologie Düsseldorf Mitte


Dr. med. Andreas Grust and his team would like to welcome you to the radiology practice “Radiologie Düsseldorf Mitte” on Marienstraße 10, right in the city center of Düsseldorf. Since 2002, Dr. Ing. Grust worked as a resident radiologist in Dusseldorf.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the practice offers diagnostic examinations using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and digital radiography. By the modern devices is examined in each case with the lowest possible radiation exposure. We expect a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in a professional environment.


Focus Health: Dr. Grust honored as a recommended physician in 2019 in the Düsseldorf region

Dr. med. Andreas Grust is one of the recommended doctors in the Dusseldorf region

Focus Health determined this in cooperation with the Hamburg Foundation for Health for the large study "Germany's recommended doctors from the region". Dr. Grust is recommended for his performance in radiology. The recommended doctors can be consulted via the online offer of the Focus doctor search. Patients can search for doctors throughout Germany - and, for example, filter them according to the recommended doctors of their local environment.

Medical services

MRI / Siemens Magnetom Aera

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

In modern magnetic resonance tomography, a strong magnetic field is used to cut images from the inside of the body.

CT / Siemens Somatom Scope

Computed tomography

Computer tomography represents a body region layer by layer, providing images without overlay.

X-Ray / Siemens Multix Fusion


X-rays are used to create a view of the body’s interior.

Prostate and cardiac MRI


Protect your health and prevent routine health checks such as Bone marrow measurement, prostate MRI, or cardio check ups.

CT-aided pain therapy

Pain therapy

In PRT pain therapy, the patient is driven on a bed in a prone position through the opening of the computer tomograph.

After an initial planning picture at the appropriate level, the therapy begins. Using a probe, analgesic drugs are applied directly to the irritated nerves or the facet joint. In this way, we fight the pain directly at the place of origin.

The entire intervention is carried out under visual inspection in computer tomography in order to allow a targeted administration of the drug for maximum therapeutic success.

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Radiologie Düsseldorf Mitte

4.1 60 reviews

  • Avatar Alf Castillo ★★★★★ vor 2 Wochen
    Kurzfristige Terminvergabe, sehr moderne angenehme Praxis, sehr freundliche Mitarbeiter/innen, kurze Wartezeit, professionelle … mehr Behandlung. In der Kreuzstraße um die Ecke ein Parkhaus. Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen. 10:05 Uhr Termin, 10:25 Uhr fertig.
  • Avatar Turhan Aksoy ★★★★★ vor 2 Wochen
    Telefonisch sofort erreichbar
    Sofort einen Termin bekommen
    Sehr freundlich kann ich nur weiterempfehlen
  • Avatar Saban Denis Dasgin ★★★★★ vor 4 Monaten
    Über diese Radiologie, besonders über Dr. Andersen-van-Loyen, kann ich nur positiv berichten. Der Dr. hat sich sehr viel … mehr Zeit genommen, um mir die Ergebnisse meiner Untersuchung so einfach & klar wie möglich zu erklären und mir somit auch alle Sorgen von der Seele zu nehmen. Genau das was man als besorgter Patient braucht. Vielen Dank!

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We always offer our patients the best possible examination in a trustworthy and pleasant atmosphere.


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