Focus Health: Dr. Grust honored as a recommended physician in 2019 in the Düsseldorf region

Dr. med. Andreas Grust will again be one of the recommended doctors in the Düsseldorf region in 2019. This was determined by Focus-Gesundheit in cooperation with the Hamburg Foundation for Health for the study “Germany’s Recommended Doctors from the Region”. For the second year in a row, Dr. Grust thus recommended for his performance in the field of radiology.

Information about around 240,000 community-based physicians throughout Germany was used for the study. The basis of the data is the doctor’s information of the Foundation Health, which, among other things, takes into account information such as specialist status, additional qualifications, year of residence, publications, expert and lecturer activities, membership in professional societies, patient satisfaction, accessibility, quality management and colleagues recommendations. Recommended are those doctors who perform the most positively in the weighted overall view of the data. The recommended doctors can be consulted via the online offer of the Focus physician search. Patients can search for doctors throughout Germany – and, for example, filter for the recommended doctors in their local environment.