Official opening ceremony of the new radiological practice “Düsseldorf Mitte”

At the official opening ceremony, the magnetic resonance tomograph attracts all attention

Düsseldorf, 18 November 2015. Numerous doctors, former study colleagues from the University Hospital of Düsseldorf, as well as invited guests from Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, were informed about the new examination equipment for the reopening of the radiology “Düsseldorf Mitte”. The magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) of the type Siemens Magnetom Aera was at the center of the event, which was accompanied by specialist lectures on the use of modern IT and the optimal dose management in patient examinations.

On Wednesday evening specialist Dr. med. Andreas Grust, together with his co-workers, visited the numerous guests in the radiological practice on the Marienstrasse, opened since April 2015, directly at the IHK building. More than seventy interested physician colleagues and former companions from studies and former professional stations were particularly interested in the modern nuclear magnetic resonance tomograph.

Magnetic resonance tomograph at the center of the event

The 4.8 ton Magnetic Resonance Tomograph of the type Siemens Magnetom Aera has an iron core cooled to minus 200 degrees Celsius and can only be separated from the current for a short period of time. Therefore, it is located in a specially separated examination room which can only be entered without metallic objects. “The coin money is flying out of your pocket,” the warning from Dr. Grust. The supplied Siemens device has a diameter of 70 cm, which is about 37 percent more volume than an outdated system with a standard 60 cm test tube. Above all, the nuclear spin tomograph is particularly fast, the investigations are usually completed in 15 minutes. “You can even listen to your own music during the examination,” explains Dr. Grust.

Lecture series with co-operation partners

In addition to visiting the premises, a short series of lectures on Fachthemen awaited the visitors. While Mr. Daniel Jansen of Siemens Healthcare described the optimal patient care in “Radiologie Düsseldorf Mitte” by using state-of-the-art examination equipment, Dipl.-Ing. T. Liedtke the potentials for operating cost reduction in practice through the use of modern IT, e.g. Desktop virtualization and cloud services. Siemens successfully cooperates with Siemens and serves as a reference center in the Düsseldorf area. The presentation of the successful dosage management in the practice of Dipl.-Ing. Axel Meineke, Strategic Client Executive at Cerner Deutschland, the event.