Portfolio expansion of the medical network Medical Experts Düsseldorf

Dr. med. Andreas Grust welcomes the expansion of the Medical Experts Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, 13.07.2017. Already in the seventh year the Medical Experts Dusseldorf (MED) stand for the best medical care and optimal service.

In addition to selected doctors, who have been members of this extraordinary initiative, initiated by InterContinental Düsseldorf for several years, the expert team will be strengthened by other renowned physicians from this year. For example, the gynecologist Gynecologists Stephanie Ströhlein and Benita Pflanz, as well as Dr. med. Peter Buddenberg, orthopedic surgeon and trauma surgeon. With the expansion of the offer, the MED is reacting to the growing importance of medical tourism in Düsseldorf. “We are delighted that we are expanding our network with experienced doctors such as Ms Strohlein and Ms Pflanz for the area of ​​women’s health care and obstetrics and with Dr. Dr. Buddenberg, another orthopedic surgeon and accident surgeon, “explains Prof. Dr. med. Jan-Steffen Krüssel, official spokesman of the MED.

Britta Kutz, General Manager of the InterContinental Düsseldorf since the end of 2016, is enthusiastic about this unique cooperation, which once again emphasizes the distinctiveness of the hotel and focuses on the excellent offers of the Destination Düsseldorf – in addition to fashion, art and culture ,
“This initiative is good for the location, good for any participating physician and enriching for our hotel’s service portfolio. In addition, we are proud to be proud of this unique project, which has been successfully positioned on the international market for seven years, “says Britta Kutz.

Successful cooperation: Medical Experts Dusseldorf and InterContinental Düsseldorf

The medical network MED – Medical Experts Dusseldorf, consisting of 20 physicians of various medical specialties, is a 360 – degree service campaign in the field of medical tourism, which is also relevant to NRW. The best possible medical care can be ensured by arranging appointments at selected Medical Experts Dusseldorf, which have the appropriate quality, service and medical expertise. In doing so, the MED team is committed to its own Code of Conduct, which focuses on ethical principles regarding patient care, v. m. is focussed. This also includes the self-obligation of offering fair prices to GOÄ as well as the renouncement of mediation agencies for patients. Prof. Dr. med. Jan-Steffen Krüssel is the official spokesman of the MED and thus a well-sought-for interview partner.

In the InterContinental Düsseldorf on the Königsallee, single travelers and families can enjoy an all-round package: in addition to reservations for suites and limousines, booking of a butler, 24-hour childcare or other services, it is also possible to make appointments with doctors, the members of MED are to be conveyed. Thus, the Luxushotel guarantees its guests an uncomplicated and fast medical stay, without any further costs.