Computed tomography (CT) is an advanced X-ray diagnostic procedure that unlike classical fluoroscopic examinations provides three-dimensional digital recordings of the interior of a body. While you are on a special support table, rotates a tube detectors unit gradually around you.

The CT examination itself is completely painless. But it may be necessary that a contrast medium has to be injected so certain structures are easier to see inside your body. Such contrast agents may – as it will be given – to trigger a brief sensation of warmth.

Should your intestines are examined, it is sometimes necessary that you drink a cup of contrast agent to prepare. Since then this takes some time until it is in the right place, you should set aside enough time here. But this would in advance to discuss your doctor with you.

The actual investigation then normally takes between 15 and 30 minutes.Following your doctor needs to assess the resulting CT images. By the way, remember to take off for the study jewelry, hair clips, etc.. Unlike MRI, the keep on of e.g. earrings can not be directly dangerous indeed, but the image quality can thereby suffer so that a recording has to be repeated if necessary.